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Through Google, I came across the web site of Alstrasoft at This review is about AlstraSoft Expired Domains Pro.


Beware, this company ALSTRASOFT is a SCAM / FRAUD. Software they sell does not work.


I was looking for a script to search for expired domains (domains where the owner lets the domain expire without renewal). It's an interesting little business model and the description of the software matched my needs.

After purchasing the software, I found out first of all that all the software does is to download a list of expiring domains from another web site. Well, already this was a disappointment.

However I thought I would still give it a try. After trying it out on three different hosting environments, I did not manage to get the script to work.

I have installed over 100 Wordpress, Joomla, PostNuke, etc. blogs in my life and I know my way around a little. The program doesn't work because it seems to be old code, no longer compatible with PHP5 to the full extent.

After I contacted Alstrasoft to request a fix, they kept me waiting for a month. I then requested a refund as the software was useless and this was ignored. Since then, they occasionally respond back to me saying that they would like to look into it. Never happened (another month has paassed).

If this article can keep you from falling into the trap of purchasing software from Alstrasoft, I would be happy, as it was then worth the time for me to write this review.

The software I purchased and that never worked (apart from describing features in a misleading way)is:

AlstraSoft Expired Domains Pro

Take care,

Titus Hanke

Monetary Loss: $100.

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same happend to me script is not working and no support


Lets get this straight - you wanted to get involved in a business that takes advantage of other people, and you ended up getting taken advantage of?

Domain owners fail to renew for whatever reason, you grab the domain and then you charge them an arm and a leg to get the domain name back that their business is based on? Or you find a clever name, pay 15$ for it and charge someone else a mint to get it?

I'm glad the software didn't work out for you, bud. Besides, if it was as easy as buying some software to get up and running preying on others, everyone would be doing it.

Learn how to code and do it yourself. Otherwise, you're like the guy that takes a hot stock tip from someone else and cries when they lose money in the market. There are a reason there are successful traders on Wall Street, and high-end coders making money on the net: They're smarter than you.

to JH Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany #863357

Sorry but you are all wrong... I bought this to offer a service to my visitors and you don't earn money on that. Maybe you should study how these things work before making these kinds of statements as it appears you have very little clue of what you are talking about

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